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Wichita, KS


Personal Injury Lawyer in Wichita, KS

For the excellent legal aid of a Wichita, KS, personal injury lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Randall J. Price. With true dedication to protecting the rights of each of our clients, our law firm can give your case the personal attention it deserves.

We Provide Outstanding Legal Aid

No matter what the cause, it is not fair that you should have to suffer further for an accident that wasn't your fault. We know that the physical and emotional pain you may be suffering as a result of an accident can be bad enough without the added stress that can come along with filing a personal injury claim. At our law firm, we handle things like filing your personal injury claim and dealing with the insurance company so that you can worry more about getting better.

If you want to hire a Wichita, KS, personal injury lawyer who will work hard to protect your rights, contact the Law Offices of Randall J. Price. With flexible hours and no charge unless you win on contingency cases, we are the law firm to call when you need legal representation in a personal injury case. Call us today to discuss your case.